AKINow Journal Club

  July 20, 2023

Unanswered questions from July’s AKINow Journal Club:

Q: Are the hospitals involved in these studies ones where primary teams are responsible for all orders or ones where co-management between primary teams and consultants occur? Any thoughts on hospitals where the internist, the nephrologist, and the cardiologist are all entitled to adjust orders for ACEi/ARB, for example?

A: Lead author @fperrywilson responds:
In these hospitals, the primary team enters (essentially) all orders. Nephrologists make recommendations, but the primary team implements. My gut says this is better particularly when patients are complex. There is likely a need for a strong “quarterback” in modern hospitalizations.

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Q: hard stop alerts in hosp = prior auth in community?
A: Lead author @fperrywilson responds:
I think community participation is key in this type of research. It’s critical that we continue to evaluate what works best in hospitals (ideally through randomized trials) but community members have a right to know what they might be exposed to should they be hospitalized.

Q: How long and how frequently should an AKI patient be monitored after the initial insult?
A: Lead author Dr. F. Perry Wilson responds:
If AKI does not completely resolve during the hospitalization, I would recommend f/u c/w CKD guidance. Important question is if AKI does fully resolve – does the pt need f/u at all? That may be answered by the upcoming COPE-AKI trial.

View the entire presentation here- https://epc.asn-online.org/videos/akinow-journal-club-july-23/

  February 7, 2023

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