Diabetic Kidney Disease Collaborative (DKD-C)

DKD-C Mission

Working Together to Address the Urgent and Unmet Needs in the Diagnosis and Treatment of People with Diabetic Kidney Disease.

 DKD-C Spotlights

Moving from Evidence to Implementation of Breakthrough Therapies for Diabetic Kidney Disease

Access to care and implementation of breakthrough therapies for DKD can save millions of lives by preventing kidney failure, cardiovascular events, and premature death. Coalitions comprised of patients, families and community groups, healthcare professionals, healthcare systems, federal agencies and payers are essential to develop collaborative models that successfully address this major public health challenge.

Published: June 1, 2022

 Resource Library Highlights

Implementing New DKD Treatments – Time to Act

The American Society of Nephrology’s (ASN’s) Diabetic Kidney Disease Collaborative (DKD-C) conducted the second in a series of three strategy conferences on April 20, 2021. Conference participants strategized on how nephrologists and primary care physicians can work together to ensure the implementation of new diabetic kidney disease therapies, such as SGLT2 inhibitors.