COVID-19 Resource Library

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ASN COVID-19 Resources

ASN Recommendations 2 links
ASN COVID-19 Webinars 18 links
ASN COVID-19 Podcasts 17 links
Kidney Week 1 link
ASN in the News 11 links
Other ASN Created Resources 5 links

CDC COVID-19 Information

General Information 3 links
Information for Healthcare Personnel 13 links
Patient Safety 3 links
Personal Protective Equipment 4 links
Recommendations 10 links
Vaccine and Therapeutic Resources 7 links

CMS COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Immunization

COVID-19 Vaccines and Therapeutics

ASPR: Therapeutics Locator 2 links
CDC: COVID-19 Vaccine and Theraputic Resources 7 links
FDA: Paxlovid 2 links
Vaccine Mandate Information 2 links
Vaccine Resources 7 links
Webinars on Vaccine and Therapeutics 4 links

Other Healthcare Organizations on COVID-19

State and Local Emergency Management Contacts 2 links
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Guidance 4 links
Professional Organizations 6 links
Government Entities 8 links

Publications Focusing on COVID-19

Outpatient Dialysis 3 links
Inpatient Dialysis/AKI 3 links
Home Dialysis 4 links
Transplant 10 links
General 7 links