Safety and Efficacy of COVID-19 Vaccines in the Dialysis Population

Join ASN and eight kidney-related organizations partnered to present the most current information regarding the FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines, and vaccine safety and efficacy in the dialysis population.

If there is room, and it’s appropriate to include, these were the session goals:
1. Present available information about the vaccines’ safety and efficacy for health care workers and patients with kidney disease including the risk of poor outcomes in those contracting COVID-19
2. Discuss the kidney communities’ position on urging patients on dialysis to get vaccinated
3. Consider concerns about receiving the vaccine and provide a forum for discussing and alleviating those concerns
4. Devise a strategy to share this information widely

This webinar was presented in partnership with AAKP, AKF, ANNA, NANT, NKF, NRAA, RHA (formerly the NRAA), and RPA.

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