Current and Emerging Threats (CET)

Current and Emerging Threats (CET) Mission

To enhance the quality of life for people with kidney failure by engaging nephrologists as team leaders in transformational change that continuously improves the safety of life sustaining dialysis, specifically in the area of current and emerging bacterial, viral, and fungal threats which impact immunocompromised individuals with chronic kidney disease.




The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is tracking an outbreak of monkeypox that has spread across several countries that don’t normally report monkeypox, including the United States. The CDC is urging healthcare providers to be alert for patients who have rash illnesses consistent with monkeypox. For more information, including signs and symptoms, please refer to the links below.

 CET Resource Library Highlights

Standardization of Blood Culture Collection for Patients Receiving In-Center Hemodialysis

Blood Culture Bottles.

This document, developed by a workgroup of the ASN’s Nephrologists Transforming Dialysis Safety (NTDS), seeks to provide an accessible summary of information from published guidelines, reports and studies. Sample protocols for obtaining blood cultures and communication tools are provided. Collectively the information is intended to provide a reference for dialysis facilities as they develop facility-specific procedures, policies and protocols.