Kidney Community:​ COVID-19 After-Action Meeting​

Overall Goals of the COVID-19 After-Action Meeting

• Review the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people living with kidney disease.
• Review successes of the response to the pandemic from the perspective of kidney medicine.
• Discuss opportunities for improvement in the response to the pandemic in the community.

Welcome and Objectives

Mr. Tod Ibrahim, ASN Executive Vice President

The Pandemic: A Patient’s Perspective

Ms. Glenda Roberts, Patient Advocate

COVID-19: Disparities in Care Uncovered

Alan Kliger, MD

The Pandemic The US Government Perspective

Leith J. States, MD, MPH

ASN’s Experience Throughout the Pandemic

Jeff Silberzweig, MD, FASN, Jeffrey Perl, MD, Vineeta Kumar, MD & Anitha Vijayan, MD, FASN

Roundtable Discussion: Pandemic Challenges And Solutions

Roundtable Discussion: Effective Government Leadership

Roundtable Discussion: So, What Do We Do Now?

Wrap Up and Next Steps

Jeff Silberzweig, MD, FASN and Liz McNamara, MN, RN