Home Dialysis Project (HDP)

HDP Overview

To improve awareness and outcomes of home dialysis therapies by enhancing education of nephrologists, kidney care professionals, and trainees; addressing disparities in access to home dialysis; and advocating for policies that improve patient-centered modality choice in order to promote safe and high-quality care.


  • Intentional/deliberate use of the term “Home Dialysis” separate from “Dialysis” across the AS
  • Encourage all ASN Committees to have home dialysis expert representation where appropriate
  • Three major themes:
    • Policy
    • Continuing Education
    • Fellowship Training


  • Review home dialysis leadership development and role of dedicated fellowships
  • Discuss opportunity for a standing ASN home dialysis presence
    • To ensure implementation of task force recommendations,
    • Determine multi-stakeholder and industry stakeholder support opportunities,
    • Coordinate with ASN staff to develop/support
  • Consider how home dialysis expert representation can be implemented across ASN

2022 Roadmap


Consider the unintended consequences of all policies on home dialysis:

  • Unexpected poor outcomes for marginalized patients
  • Unanticipated shortages
  • Inequitable access to care

Continuing Education

  • Facilitate a networking opportunity (i.e., standalone home dialysis workshop or dedicated Kidney Week home dialysis activity)
  • Launch a virtual case-based small group education series with mentorship opportunities in collaboration with GlomCom
  • Curate a “one-stop” shop for home dialysis educational resources with multi-stakeholder collaboration on the ASN website
  • Leverage the existing ASN Curricula home dialysis content and ASN Communities, adding video recorded presentations

Fellowship Training

  • Survey home dialysis training leaders to quantify:
    • Extent of home dialysis training that fellows receive during their fellowship
    • Perceptions of requirements needed by programs for competency in home dialysis
    • The ability for programs to meet certain threshold requirements
  • Use a multi-stakeholder approach to improve home dialysis training through strategies, such as:
    • Designate fellowship programs that meet specific criteria as “Centers of Excellence in Home Dialysis Training”
    • Develop home dialysis fellowship requirements with ACGME
    • Work with NMBE and ABIM to include more home dialysis questions on the ASN in-training exam and the nephrology initial certifying exam, respectively
    • Develop away-rotations and home dialysis trainings through ASN and industry support