Quality, Assessment, Improvement, and Education (QAIE)​

QAIE Purpose

To produce infection prevention related publications, virtual presentations, and national webinar;
and to advance the use of online learning modules.


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Targeting Zero Infections: Vaccination Complete Playlist

This Targeting Zero webinar series provides information for clinicians in three areas:

  • COVID-19 Vaccination: Lessons Learned;
  • Routine Vaccination Recommendations for Dialysis Patients; and
  • Vaccination Recommendations in Special Populations Amongst Dialysis Patients:  A Case-based Approach

Upon completion of this series and its evaluation, you will have the opportunity to print a Certificate of Attendance. Your input on the evaluation will assist ASN in updating this resource in the future.

Promoting Vaccine Confidence in the Pediatric Kidney Community

EPC and ASPN are pleased to offer this poster series promoting vaccine confidence in the pediatric kidney community. Please download, post, and share this important information with your community!

  Lunch and Learn Micro-Webinars for Fellows

Lunch-and-Learn is a micro-webinar series for new practitioners and fellows that covers core concepts in infection prevention in the outpatient hemodialysis unit. Each “micro-webinar” is under 30 minutes, making them ideal for lunch-and-learn-style conversations.


  QAIE Resource Library Highlights

Management of C-diff in Outpatient Hemodialysis Settings

(Webinar Recorded: September 2021)

Standardizing the Blood Culture Collection Process in the Outpatients Dialysis Facility

(Webinar Recorded: July 2020)